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Custom dye-sub tablecloth
4' full color print tablecloth
6' full color print tablecloth
8' full color print tablecloth
Custom feather flags kits
Custom teardrop flags kits
Custom blade flags kits
Inflatable Tents Arch
Custom Printed Marquees
Tradeshow Display Backdrop
Tradeshow Table,Stand
Pull up banner stands
Fabric Pop-up Display
Adjust Display Banner
Custom Pop Up A Frame
Outdoor A Frame Banner
Light Box
Hanging Banner
Hang Scroll Banner
Custom Fabric Banners
Custom Flags
Custom Bunting
Hand Waving Flag
Car Flags
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Dye sublimation printing

High quality inkjet printing combined with traditional dye sublimation is the major technology used in our fabric and textile printing.This technology allows us to produce high quality custom fabric prints at cost effective prices and on very short lead times.Dye Sublimation is a process that uses heat to transfer.It is very good for custom feather flags,custom teardrop flags,custom printed canopy and flag banners.

.......Expandpromotion, is on the road, is growing, is creating value! 

High quality display stand

We are a real manufacturing company with a wide range of Custom feather flags and banners as well as Custom Feather Banners, Table Covers, Roll Up Displays, Teardrop Flags, Custom printed canopies, Swooper Flags, Pop Up Canopies, Portable Displays, Bowflags, Portable Banner Stands and so much more.We sell directly to individuals, as well as business to business (B2B), dealers are welecome !
Expandpromotion has a skilled, mature and stable workforce team, to ensure the stability of our quality;

5KITS-6FT-Custom Table Covers (Full Back Standard)

Price: AU$399.00

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5KITS Custom 4M Teardrop Flags

Price: AU$399.00

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5KITS Custom 4M Feather Flags

Price: AU$349.00

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Horizontal Pop up a frame -1.9x0.9M

Price: AU$180.00

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Inflatable Tents 4X4M (No Awning)

Price: AU$1999.00

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Regular Price: AU$350.00
Special Price: AU$109.00
Regular Price: AU$1200.00
Special Price: AU$799.00
Regular Price: AU$1400.00
Special Price: AU$399.00
Regular Price: AU$1400.00
Special Price: AU$399.00
Regular Price: AU$1200.00
Special Price: AU$449.00
Regular Price: AU$600.00
Special Price: AU$299.00
Regular Price: AU$1200.00
Special Price: AU$680.00
Regular Price: AU$500.00
Special Price: AU$199.00